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Family Activities

One of our passions in life is letting our kids experience animals in their natural habitat and we love to take the kids on family-friendly safaris in South Africa.

White Lion Safaris have a variety  of  places and activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Elephant Experience

The Elephant Sanctuary South Africa has three African Elephant Sanctuaries across three provinces in Southern Africa. Visitors are taken on a journey into the world of the African elephant and are guided through an unforgettable experience with these magnificent creatures.

Game walks

Game wardens can tell you a lot of very interesting stories about the different animals they have seen and what the animals have been doing. On our walking safaris you can expect to encounter an array of changing landscapes, from bushveld to riverine forests, mountains to floodplains, and perennial pans which all attract a spectacular variety of animals and birds.

Balloon Rides

Find yourself hovering gently above the tree tops of the beautiful Magalies River Valley, or drifting majestically high above the Magaliesberg range in the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site...The exceptional peace of this unique and almost supernatural view of the world will forever remain as a truly cherished memory.

Cheetah breeding project

Cheetah Experience is a registered non-profit company originally based in Bloemfontein. We are home to a number of endangered and threatened species, including cheetahs, leopards, male non-breeding lions, servals, caracals, African wildcats, wolves, meerkats and a Siberian tiger.

Bush lunches

Our Bush Lunches include a large variety of local meat, fruit and vegetables are available to provide flavourful quirks to the region’s cuisine. Although you are guaranteed to see beautiful landscapes and wild animals up close, prepare to be amazed by the food on offer, even when you’re deep in the bush!

Bird Watching

Birding, birdwatching, and twitching... South Africa’s dense forests, scrubby bushveld, rugged mountain ranges, plunging valleys, endless savannahs, and long stretches of coastline share one common trait; they all provide gorgeous habitats for an inordinate variety of colourful birds. These birds are as varied and diverse as the people that spend hours watching them, and promise exquisite displays and irresistible antics as they enjoy the unspoilt loveliness of South Africa.

Nature Night Walks

A guided Nature Night Walk is an adventure that makes full use of all your senses, allowing you a deeper connection with the African bush. Strap on your boots and feel the wild grasses crush beneath your boots as you follow your expert guide into the pristine, untamed landscapes of the region. Be mesmerised by the sounds, smells and bounty of nightlife that surround you.

Star Gazing

Stargazing is the simple act of looking at the stars, now combine this with a guided tour in nature and the experience becomes magical. Learn about the Southern Hemisphere night sky, how the animals use stars to migrate and learn about old traditional stories about how the sky connects to the earth and your soul.

Kimberley Big Hole

150 years ago, the site of the Big Hole was a featureless, flat-topped hill. When word spread that diamonds had been discovered, thousands of prospectors, armed with nothing more than picks, shovels and hope, descended on Kimberley and created the largest hand-dug excavation in the world.

Kimberley The Old Town

The Big Hole Official Site is offering to all tourists the opportunity to join the informative Kimberley Big Hole tours and visit the old town, the Makala National Park, the Diggers’ Memorial and you can use the lift to have an underground experience that kids will find thrilling.

William Humphreys Art Gallery

The artworks range from Old Dutch and Flemish paintings from the 16th century, old British and French paintings, to contemporary South African art, which include categories like sculpture, paintings, works on paper, ceramics, tapestries, beaded items and traditional art forms.

Spa Treatments

What better way to unwind after a day’s sightseeing than relaxing in a health and wellness spa? Spa Hotels focus on maximum relaxation for their guests, with luxury features like hot tubs, thermal pools and professional massage services. Some spa hotels use mineral-rich water pumped straight out of the ground, helping to maintain and restore good health.

Important FAQ’s

What you need to know


Citizens of the USA and most European countries visiting  South Africa do not require visas.

Ricus, your outfitter will meet you at the airport to drive you to your Safari destination.

Medical Insurance is key for any hunter and outdoor sportsman. Be sure your medical insurance company is fully aware of your travels and if you are covered internationally. We recommend Global Rescue as a partner when it comes to medical evacuations and should be considered by anyone travelling abroad for hunting purposes.

This is by far one of the easiest African nations to travel in with children. There is plenty in South Africa for families to enjoy, from the comfortable lodges and camps, family focused small group tours.

White Lion Safaris Hunting Outfitters South Africa
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