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Four Safari Types

Trophy Hunting

If hunting runs deep through your veins and has a great desire to full fill your wildest dreams of harvesting and collecting trophies from around the world.

Wing Shooting

Putting out decoys in reaped fields will definitely get your heart pumping when Spurwing Geese start to descend. A must for the avid bird hunter.

Fishing Safaris

Fishing is a great passion of ours and we offer exciting opportunities. Catching Black Marlin off the coast of Mozambique to fly fishing for yellow fish in the streams.

Photo Safaris

Photo Safaris are perfect for planning something extra apart from hunting. It is the perfect getaway if you are travelling with your loved ones.

Trophy Hunting

Hunting in Africa is purely food for your soul, and you will be wanting more when you leave. Leaving the camp at first light you will enjoy the cool crisp mornings, tracking across the plains in search of your perfect trophy..

The clean fresh air will refresh your body and mind, and the mind-boggling vastness of hunting areas and great numbers of species will leave you in awe.

It is hard to describe the rush and heart pumping experience when you look through your rifle scope, seconds away from pulling the trigger on your first African animal, it will feel like your very first hunt.

If hunting runs deep through your veins and has a great desire to full fill your wildest dreams of harvesting and collecting trophies from around the world..

Plains Game

With a great diversity of habitat in our hunting areas, you will have a blast stalking Blue Wildebeest in the thickets, shooting a grazing Kudu bull across a valley or stretching your rifles legs at a Blesbuck in the great big open plains.

Dangerous Game

We are trained and fully registered big game hunters to stay with you every step of the way. If you have what it takes and nerves of steel to take on one of Africa’s dangerous beasts we will be right by your side.

Wing Shooting

If you are more of a wing shooting enthusiast, look no further than White Lion Safaris.

We also specialize in all kinds of wing shooting techniques. From decoying Yellow-billed ducks in the mighty Zululand to Shooting the most challenging game bird in Africa, the turtle dove.

All this take place in sunflower fields in the Free State area. A mere hour’s drive from our main lodge.

If geese are your thing, you are in luck.

Putting out decoys in reaped fields will defiantly get your heart pumping when Spurwing Geese starts to descend.

The open season for all game birds is from 31st May to 31st August.

Expect to have a great time filled with fast-paced shooting.

A must for the avid bird hunter.


Fishing is a great passion of ours and we offer some exciting opportunities. From my personal favourite of catching Black Marlin off the coast of Mozambique to fly fishing for yellow fish in the streams of the mighty Orange River in South Africa.

Our fishing trips or side trips are specialized and offer a combination of great fishing along with activities like deep sea diving, island hopping and local markets and experiences in some of the most beautiful settings in Africa.

Fishing in Mozambique is like fishing in an undiscovered paradise with accommodations in top-notch luxury lodges situated on white sandy beaches.

Freshwater Fishing

done as a day trip to target yellowfish n the Orange river system. Fishing is done in remote areas on the river in streams and rapids. Fly and lure fishing is used.

Off-shore Fishing

fishing for Black marlin takes place of the coast of Mozambique. We fish the Bazzaruto Archipilago. Black marlin are very proliferous in these waters and a number of ‘’granders’’ are caught every year.

Photo Safaris

Photo Safaris or side trips are perfect for planning something extra apart from hunting.

White Lion Safaris offers a variety of side trips and photo safaris.

It is the perfect getaway if you are travelling with your loved ones.

From sipping international wines on a deck overlooking beautiful vineyards in Cape Town to drinking a sundowner on a houseboat cruising down the Chobe river in Botswana.

Combine your hunt with a few days extra in the Kruger National Park for an unbelievable Big 5 photo safari.

It is perfect for those in the family who like to pick a camera and let the imagination run wild.

White Lion Safaris can accommodate you and your family on a guided tour or we can plan everything for you and all you need to do is show up and enjoy.

Important FAQ’s

What you need to know


Citizens of the USA and most European countries will only require a 90 day visa for Namibia. South Africa and Mozambique do not require visas. For Namibian visa application check the visa rules that apply to your passport type at this link: https://namibia.visahq.com

Temporary gun licence

After arrival, the hunter walks to the arrival hall to fill out an arrival form and then proceeds through Immigration. Once through Immigration, go to baggage claim and retrieve your luggage, then find the small office (back toward Immigration) with a sign that reads “Arms and Ammunition.” Here, you will identify your gun case and fill in a simple form that will serve as your temporary gun license and permit. All you need is your gun information and the address of where you will be staying, which White Lion Safaris will provide to you. After filling out your form and retrieving your gun case, proceed through Customs. Ricus, your outfitter will meet you outside the door to drive you to your hunting area.

Clothing and Gear

Dark green or brown clothing is best, as are boots with soft soles for quiet stalking. You’ll only need a couple of changes of clothing as laundry is done daily at most camps. Bring a wide-brimmed hat, sunblock, good optics, and a jacket for cool mornings and evenings.


Most professional hunters recommend rifles in the .300-caliber family for plains game and .375 for dangerous game, but the most important thing is to bring a rifle you are familiar with and can shoot well.


Tips are appreciated at most safari camps; in addition to the professional hunter, tracker(s), driver, and skinner(s), there are usually staff members at camp who handle cooking and cleaning and other chores and help to make a hunter’s stay pleasant. The professional hunter or outfitter can advise the hunter how much is appropriate to tip each staff member.

Trophy preparation

Typically, animals are skinned at the safari headquarters and all skins are cleaned and salted; skulls and horns are cleaned and buried in salt. After a couple of days, the skins are hung to dry, cleaned once more, and folded and stored in a skinning shed. Skulls will be cleaned and placed on a rack. Before leaving camp, it’s a good idea to ensure the skulls and skins are properly tagged with the hunter’s name and contact information.


Once the hunter departs, or sometimes at the end of the season, trophies will be taken to a taxidermist for professional cleaning and dipping, which is required for export. The taxidermist then contacts the hunter for instructions regarding preparation and shipment, and to arrange payment for these services. The taxidermist then contacts a shipping agent, who will handle the permits and shipping to the hunter’s home country, again after contacting the hunter. Hunters should check the latest regulations in order to make arrangements in advance if they are hunting species that require CITES permits or special export or import permits from the hunter’s home country. Many export and import requirements for these species have undergone dramatic changes in the past couple of years.

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