Hunting Specials 2021

2021 is around the corner, and we are happy to announce our special deals for our clients and friends. Make your dream come true with a once in a lifetime trips with us in Africa.

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Hunting in South Africa

Welcome friends,

These exciting hunts will take place on our main hunting concession in Central South Africa.

You will be hunting on 12 000 acres all open land with some added free range areas surrounding it, making this a true hunt and a fantastic experience for any hunter.

The hunting area is truly in one of the most esthetical parts of South Africa with it’s rolling hills, deep valleys, abundant water springs and rivers that flows down into the plains of Africa. This diverse part of the country is perfect for walk and stalk hunting, or spot and stalk hunting. You have good cover, but also enough visibility to keep your target in sight while approaching.

We have over 30 species of huntable game in this area which gives you great options and choices to pursue the game you always dreamed of. This part of the world has cold winters with  morning temps of around 28 F and day temps of about 80F and summers of about 45 – 95 F. The big difference in temperatures makes this one of the healthiest and safest areas with very few parasites and disease making for strong and healthy animals with above average trophy quality.

You will need no shots or vaccinations to visit this malaria free part of the Africa.

Meals are prepared by our personal chef and you can look forward to fantastic dining and experiencing venison at its very best, paired with some of South Africa’s favourite wines.

Available activities for non – hunters or for a rest day are fishing, game viewing from horseback, hiking trails, mountain biking trails, spa treatments, cultural tours and historical sights. With over 200 bird species, birders will have a lot to do and see. Preparation and cooking of game products are done and some special tips can be shared by our top chef during a short cooking class.

To help you take the first step towards making your dreams of an African safari come true, we have decided to provide a few different specials on hunting safaris for 2021 with prices greatly reduced. If you are looking for value for your money, this is definitely the way to go. 

We will assist you with planning every step of the way.

Contact us directly for our specials on safaris in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia. –

What does my safari include?

  • All Daily rates and fees as well as the listed trophy animals in the package.
  • Airport meet and pick up in Johannesburg on arrival.
  • Transport to hunting destination and back for departure.
  • Fully catered luxury accommodations.
  • All meals, snacks, drinks, beer, wine.
  • Professional hunter with vehicles, fully catered hunting staff.
  • Field prep of trophies.
  • Delivery of trophies to our taxidermist.
  • All license fees and permits.
  • 15% Value added tax.

What’s excluded from my safari?

  • Airfare to and from Johannesburg
  • Taxidermy work and shipping
  • Gratuities
  • Trofee fees

Terms and Conditions

  • Packages are valid for 2021 starting February 1st until November 30th
  • Packages needs to be booked and confirmed before the end of November 2020
  • All packages are fully upgradable to accommodate more hunters, add extra animals or extend their stay.
  • Booking needs to be confirmed with a deposit of 15% of the value of the package. The outstanding balance will be due on the final day of safari.
  • Deposits are non – refundable, but will be honoured for 2022, in case of any unforeseen circumstances that causes a re – scheduling of your hunt.
  • Your deposit locks in your dates as well as the package price.

What our clients say

We couldn’t have asked for harder working Professional hunters.

You guys poured your hearts and souls into this hunt and worked tirelessly to get all the hunters the trophies they wanted.

The accommodation was clean and comfortable, and the camp staff were all friendly and eager to help. The food was amazing.

Jimi Rice

I can’t say enough good things about Ricus, his wife, and their operation, They definitely make you feel very welcome and at home.

My PH, Jaco was excellent as well. He was a very patient with me and my son, put us on some great animals, answered a million questions, and shared lots of info about local history. Now, gotta figure out the plan for getting back after a buffalo!

Buddy Vann

The best experience and the quality of hunting were out of this world.

Great food and accommodation, a must for anyone who wants to hunt Africa.

I will defiantly come back in the near future to see White Lion Safaris.

Thanks for an amazing time.


Ryan Hall

Hunting in Zimbabwe

  • The hunting area is known as Gache Gache and is situated on the mouth of the Gache river where it meets Lake Kariba. This area is a wild area with no fences or any barriers and offers 100% free-range hunting. With roughly 14 miles of lake frontage there is plenty of opportunity for game to drink and move down from the very dry escarpment and congregate by the lakeside, looking for water and green growth. This adds to the abundance of game that can be found here.


  • Hunting for big game as included in these packages are sublime along with limited plains game. Hippo are hunted mostly on foot during this dryer part of the season since they come on to land regularly to feed. This makes for a fantastic experience. Two large herds, each of 300 plus buffalo are resident in this area and offers great buffalo hunting. Elephant are present in large number, especially early in the season until July, after which some of them will migrate to different part of the valley. Late season elephant hunting is good, but the number of elephants are lower than earlier in the season.


  • The hunting area is over 80 000 hectares big with a great part of it falling in the escarpment and then runs down towards the lake in a level bushveld valley until it reaches the lake shore. This valley comprises roughly 20 – 30 000 ha. And most of the hunting is done in this part, since late in the season, this is where most game will be found.
  • To be successful, you need to be able to walk, but the terrain being flat and easy to navigate.
  • Fishing in the lake for tiger fish is top-notch and can be done on a rest day.
  • The camp is a permanent structure with a great big beautiful entertainment and dining area on the lakeside. Rooms are individual chalets, each equipped with its bathroom, shower and hot water along with all the basic amenities to make your stay comfortable. It is a true rustic African hunting camp/lodge.
  • Food and drink is abundant and the meals you will be served are once again top-notch, cooked by a personal chef using very basic tools, ovens and open fire.
  • This truly is an African safari and experience you will never get enough of, and one of the few places left that you can experience a part of Africa the way it’s been for 100’s of years.

Available Hunting Packages

Choose any of the following packages.


  • 8 Days Buffalo, Hippo and Croc hunt                        $10500
  • 7 Days Buffalo and Hippo hunt                                   $10500
  • 6 Days Hippo and Croc hunt                                        $9000
  • 10 Days Elephant, buffalo, Hippo, croc                    $16500
  • 10 Days leopard, Buffalo, Hippo, croc                      $ 15500
  • Add any of the following trophies to your package

  • Buffalo                 $ 4000
  • Crocodile             $ 3500
  • Hippo                   $ 3500
  • Tuskless Elephant      $ 4500
  • Trophy Elephant         $ 13 500
  • Leopard               $ 7500
  • Bait animals        $ 150 each
  • Impala                  $ 650
  • Warthog              $ 750
  • Waterbuck          $ 2 850
  • Livingstone Eland     $ 3 250
  • Baboon                $ 750
  • Hyena                   $ 1 500
  • Grysbok               $ 950
  • Civet                      $ 850

What is included in my hunting trip?

  • All meals, drinks and fully catered accommodation in our permanent safari camp for the duration of the hunt.
  • Professional hunters, hunting staff, skinners and recovery team.
  • Field prep of trophies.
  • Delivery to dip and pack agent.
  • Meet and greet at Harare airport.
  • License fees and hunting permit other than cites permits for leopard and elephant.
  • Tiger fishing on lake Kariba.

What is excluded in my hunting trip?

  • Leopard, Croc and elephant has a $100 cites tag fee.
  • Leopard and Elephant hunts has an additional $50 per day fee for a second game scout to accompany hunt.
  • A 5% Gov. and anti – poaching fee on the total of the daily rates and trophy fees.
  • Transport From Harare to hunting area and back. Road transfer for $500 one way max 3 pax. Charter flight $1 200 one way for max 3 pax.
  • Dip and pack charges. Depending on number of trophies approx. $450 per hunter.
  • Shipping of trophies back to home country.
  • Gratuities
  • Trophy fees

Terms and Conditions

  • To complete your booking and lock in dates a deposit for 50% of the daily rates will be required.
  • Outstanding balance on daily rates and trophy fees will be required in camp before departure on final day.
  • Only trophy fees of animals hunted successfully or wounded will be required.
  • Plains game can be added to any of the listed packages.
  • Deposits are non –  refundable and hunts at these rates can not be extended to an alternative year.
  • Emirates is the best option to fly in to Harare at the moment and please check available rates on flights for your comfort.

Ready to book your hunt of a lifetime? 

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