To cater to all our clients specific needs, we operate in Mozambique, South Africa andZimbabwe.

South Africa:A hunter’s paradise with extreme diversity of habitat, people and game species!South Africa hosts 8 different biomes that flow together in a breath-taking ambiance withlush green thickets and sweet grassland into rocky outcrops and green Kalahari veld.

Traveling from east to west and north to south, you will find it hard to believe you are still inthe same country as you will experience constant changes in scenery and climate.

We as White Lion Safaris are fortunate to have our main hunting camp right in the middleof the country, where 4 of the major biomes come together.

This creates a perfectly combinedhabitat for the 32 predominant species of each of these areas to thrive in!We realize that some species are more predominant in certain areas with different landscape,vegetation and climate. Therefore we have numerous hunting areas stretchingfrom the Kalahari in the west all the way to lushes and thick bushveld in the north cateringfor the true specie-specific hunter.


I personally believe that Mozambique is an undiscovered hunter’sparadise!Hunting takes place on huge government concessions in the Zambezidelta where the majestic Zambezi River meets the ocean. Huntingfor buffalo, Sable, Hippo, Crocodile, Livingstone eland and variousspecialised smaller species in this area is magnificent. In the northernpart of the country there are large numbers of lion, leopard, big tuckers and Sable. As a personal favourite, Mozambique will leave you in awe!If you are a hunter as well as a fisherman, try adding three or four daysto your trip to go for marlin, sailfish, dorado and Tuna whilst livinglike a king in a luxurious lodge, situated right on the beach.



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